Friday, August 7, 2009

A recap of later events with The Poet.

Recently The Poet and I had totally 100% awkward sex. Horrid sex.

I am going to get you you up to date, in a couple of brief paragraphs.

The Poet and I ended up spending the weekend together about a week after our awkward encounter. It was good. We only had sex once, although there were a lot of cuddles. The sex dramatically improved from the last time. Not earth shattering, but better. He still wasn't incredibly vocal, but he took the lead so I could be sure that he was enjoying himself. And the cuddles were spectacular.

In the last week or so, drama has hit his life, and I am avoiding all of the drama. Waiting out the storm. He and his primary have hit the rocks. Hard. He is currently on a road trip with her. But they have broken up. It is icky, and I am staying away.

We have also decided not to pursue any sort of sexual relationship, for the time being. He thinks he made the call. But honestly, as I have got to know him, there is are a couple of massive problems that would get in our way long term.

Problems only a guillotine could fix.

Turns out he is rich. Rich. RICH. Like... nanny and cook rich.

So... friends at best.

Well... I have lots of other boys to turn to. ;)

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