Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meeting Harry Potter...

My late lunch with Harry Potter went really well. He is obviously an amazing guy. Working hard to propel himself through school. He is finishing up at the local community college, and then transferring to a college in a nearby town to try earn a degree in mathematics and physics. He obviously loves science, and really GETS that passionate drive for knowledge.

We went to a local restaurant and talked for about an hour. I learned more about him. He is currently working as a barista at a Starbucks in the area. He loves philosophy, and obviously knows his way around a debate. He reads, and can discuss what he reads.

After lunch I took him down the street and introduced him to a used bookstore in the area that is absolutely amazing. It was great to see the awe on his face when he walked into the giant mecca of literary geekdom.

Unfortunately, The Poet's friends and primary were in the bookstore. You know... it happens. But it was awkward to run into the primary of the guy I want to fuck, when going on a first date with a guy who obviously is "bring-home-to-mama" sort of material. Welcome to my life.

At least The Poet wasn't with them, right?

Overall, the date with Harry Potter went relatively well. The physical aspect of our interaction was odd. He looks a heck of a lot like a twenty five year old Harry Potter. He is skinny, although what he has on him is muscle. We hugged at the start and end of our interaction, and both times I could feel his ribs, his bones. Yet there are certainly sparks there, if they were encouraged. I was very aware of his body whenever we were standing near each other.

Yet... I don't know if I want to settle back into a vanilla relationships. And this guys eyes got big when I joked about an Eiffel Tower. So I don't know how begging him to tie me up and tease me would go. Or how willing he would be to use toys on me. Or if wanting to go down on The Magician when he was in town would cause a ruckus. =(

We are going to hang out again. I am not sure when yet, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Yet... hopefully it will also give me enough time that I can figure out what to do with The Poet.

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