Friday, July 17, 2009

Texting plans for sex...

OxytocinAddiction: I am very tempted to text you asking you to come and tie me up and fuck me tomorrow morning/noon, before my date and party and before your party. I am resisting, but tempted.

The Poet: Why not just ask?

OxytocinAddiction: Will you come over and do dirty things with me sometime between now and tomorrow at three, when I have to go back to being a mature adult? ;)

The Poet: If I can get some time away, Yes. Anything in particular you want?

OxytocinAddiction: No. Lots. I am sure we can figure out something that will please us both. Basically, I have a date with a great, yet vanilla, guy tomorrow. And then I get to spend the evening playing poker with Americana grad students. And I really just want good sexual contact with someone who gets how that life isn't satisfying. :)

OxytocinAddiction: If you end up being busy, it isn't like this is a one time offer. Just really craving carnal contact right now. :)

The Poet: What toys and accessories do you have?

OxytocinAddiction: In town I have little. The safe parts: Lube, condoms. A vibrator. Most of my straps and ropes went away with someone a while ago. :(

The Poet: This is terribly sad, since most of my toys are currently inaccessible.

OxytocinAddiction: Does a lack of toys imply a lack of pleasure?

The Poet: No. I just prefer to be wellarmed.

OxytocinAddiction: Is there anything you aren't allowed to do? Within the confines of your relationship?

The Poet: What do you mean?

OxytocinAddiction: I don't fall asleep with men I don't consider my primary. I have met guys who can't use certain toys or participate in certain acts. Just making sure there weren't restrictions that weren't discussed.

The Poet: I can't spend the night out, other than that no.

OxytocinAddiction: Well, sounds like we have similar guidelines, and ones that should not apply here. :)

The Poet: Indeed. To be honest I would prefer if you took the lead.

OxytocinAddiction: Took the lead or took the position of top? Two slightly different things. And to clarify... plain vanilla play with no toys or ropes can be plenty hot.

The Poet: Lead. I'm fine with top or switch. I just would prefer you take the initiative.

OxytocinAddiction: I am fine with that. I am pretty much a switch, although being all tied up is something I couldn't go a lifetime without. :)

The Poet: How opposed are you to play objectification?

OxytocinAddiction: I am okay with trying anything at least once with a new partner. Although my experience has been poor in the past. Anything specific?

The Poet: Not really. I like verbal reinforcement though.

OxytocinAddiction: Like I said... I get noisey. But that verbal response can be directed however you like. ;)

The Poet: Noise is great. Saying exactly what you like and directly me is awesome as well.

OxytocinAddiction: I share the sentiment. Communication makes for great play. ;)

The Poet: Good. Just so you understand I'll really need you to take the lead and communicate often the first time, till we can get a feel for each other.

OxytocinAddiction: As long as you communicate back, I think you will find that I have no problem with communication or going for what I want. I just have to be sure I want it. Which I am pretty sure of at this point. :)

The Poet: Then go for it.

OxytocinAddiction: Now I just have to catch you. :)

The Poet: Then you should create a proper lure.

OxytocinAddiction: I already set out games of Scrabble, pretty good conversation, plenty of flirtation, and a direct request to come do dirty things with me. Plus, I am relatively cute. If that doesn't work, I am running low on tricks. ;)

The Poet: Relatively?

OxytocinAddiction: Well the cultural beauty standards don't love the buzz cut.

OxytocinAddiction: I was hotter with the mohawk. :)

The Poet: I believe it. Though you definitely don't look too bad now. :-)

OxytocinAddiction: I am glad you don't buy the cultural/gender beauty norms. It makes luring you in easier. ;)

The Poet: Meh. I still think one of the most beautiful things in the world is a woman bound.

OxytocinAddiction: I still think I feel sexiest when bound. So that works well.

The Poet: What are your feelings on masks and head coverings?

OxytocinAddiction: Never tried them. And at some point you have to laugh.

OxytocinAddiction: Blindfolds have proven fun in the past, though.

OxytocinAddiction: Honestly... I am up for almsot anything you can through my way. But I will tell you if I am not. :)

The Poet: Night.

OxytocinAddiction: Night.

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